TimeMachine co.


The RA75 represents a creative, contemporary take on a classic BMW Motorcycle.

Retaining the core elements of early BMW airhead design; such as classic drum brakes, spoke wheels and front suspension; the RA75 incorporates a modern electrical system, LED lighting, and a totally reworked subframe and rear suspension.

2018-08-31_TimeMachine-BMW_Shot-03_165 (1).jpg


BASE > 1971 BMW R75/5

ENGINE > Twin Cylinder Boxer

CAPACITY > 749cc


EXHAUST > FlatRacer MegaBlack - Ceramic Coated

GAUGE > Motoscope Tiny (Motogadget)

SUSPENSION > Hagon Trail Shocks (TMco

SEAT > Custom (TMco & UneekUpholstery)

TIRES > Continental TKC80s


BATTERY > Shorai Lithium IoN


The original /5 has most of the electronics hidden in one big headlight unit complete with gauges and indicator lights. We wanted to remove the larger unit for a much more minimal setup. In order to tie into the original triple tree, we designed a bracket with separate branches for the different features. Rather than using a traditional bucket, the LED headlight housing is supported with a metal ring clamped in place, mounted on the bottom. The speedometer, a Motoscope Tiny unit from Motogadget, floats on top next to mini push-button controls.

The heart of the electrical system is controlled by the Motogadget M-unit Blue hidden underneath the tank, complete with a custom wiring harness. The m-lock system also from Motogadget is used to activate the ignition with a key FOB.


The original levers and switches from 1971 were all part of the same unit, but the switches were starting to get a bit worn out. We wanted to retain all the functions of the original bike, while making the handlebar look as clean and modern as possible. Rather than replacing the levers with original units in better condition; and in order to simplify the front end even further; we used a set of Domino clutch and brake levers, along with a Domino quick throttle. The throttle response is improved, giving the bike a more sporty and aggressive feel.

The M-unit from Motogadget allowed us to use push-button controls instead of the stock switches. In addition, all the wiring is hidden within the handlebar for an extremely minimal front setup.

In keeping with a minimalistic approach, the seat was custom made with an embedded brake light and turn signal LED strip.


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