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Retaining the core elements of early BMW airhead design; such as classic drum brakes, spoke wheels and front suspension; the RA75 incorporates a modern electrical system, LED lighting, and a totally reworked subframe and rear suspension.The original /5 has most of the electronics hidden in one big headlight unit complete with gauges and indicator lights………[read more]


A 1974 Kawasaki S3; as a sibling to the legendary H1 and H2, the S3 had a smaller 400cc three cylinder 2-stroke engine. Although not as much of a “widowmaker” as the 750cc H2, the S3 still had a powerful engine for its time. El Citron keeps the character of an old 2-stroke, but with a completely modernized chassis……….[read more]

BMW R75/5

Powered by BMW’s successful and reliable air-cooled boxer twin engine, the BMW R75/5 was the first series to be manufactured completely in Berlin. This version was the first generation with a short wheelbase. We tried to keep the changes as minimal as possible, with narrow R90S handlebars for a sporty………[read more]