TimeMachine Co. is a Toronto-based custom workshop founded by Emrah Gonulkirmaz & Brian Kates

“Together, we create unique hand-built machines, from inception to completion. We believe that each bike has it’s own character, and although we’re creating something new, we’re merely facilitating a transformation.

With our combined creativity and extreme attention to detail, we aim to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with each project.”

-Time Machine Co.


Emrah Gonulkirmaz

Founder, Creative Director

Emrah is a creative expert with a background as a Design Director in Film & Animation Industry. At Time Machine Co, Emrah is responsible for all things about Design & Aesthetics. He ensures that each project is completed with as little compromise as possible. He brings a holistic approach to design and strongly believes that brand & product are tightly bound together.

His passion for motorcycles started with his Long Distance / 2-Wheel Adventures, which also led him to become a part-time Mechanic specialized in vintage BMWs - (AKA Airheads)

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Brian Kates

Founder, Lead Engineer

A technical expert with a creative edge, Brian started building motorcycles as a way to fulfill his passion for mechanical engineering and design. While working as a researcher in academia, his side interest in motorcycle customization soon became his main obsession, and he found himself learning all the skills necessary to make his ideas become a reality.

With skills as a Mechanic, Welder, Engineer and Designer, Brian aims to always bridge the gap between form and function.